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Ascolta l'articolo

We are interviewing today, Gianpaolo Marcucci, sociologist, teacher and graduate in psychological sciences, who has conceived a humanitarian project that starts from Friuli and reaches Africa.

Gianpaolo, how did the idea for the project come about?

In 2017 I moved to Friuli where I started a non-profit project focused on spreading the practice of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, from a scientific and experiential point of view. The intent was to make my experience in the field available to the people of the Friuli community that hosted me. Things went well and in the weekly meetings I met a lot of wonderful people. After about 3 years I decided to propose to the people who came to the courses to do together a project that was no longer only focused on feeling well “personally” but that also involved others, especially the most unfortunate. Just at the start of the project, the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, which saw the whole world stop.

We thus temporarily interrupted the project from a public point of view but we decided to continue reflecting on what to do as soon as the pandemic ended, working side by side ( mainly online like everyone else but still trying as much as possible to stay united). During the Pandemic period, beautiful ideas came out and so we created the Human Advisor Project, a project aimed at helping others. Human Advisor means “human consultant” or a person who makes himself available to the other, for what the other needs. The first works were in fact to help the elderly and children at the local level, in our opinion the most affected by the pandemic, but then we wanted to broaden our vision and thus started more projects wide breath.

Here I really wanted to talk about the most global idea within the project, I saw that you have projects in Africa and that you will help Ukrainian refugees and cancer patients, do you want to talk to me about these projects and the idea of a “gentle revolution” that you talk about in the presentation on your site?

Yes, we have a project in Africa that is the creation of a school for 10 children, half boys and half girls and then a project to open a Health Center, which would be the equivalent there of our hospitals. We then decided to lend our headquarters in Udine for Ukrainian refugees and we are planning a prevention and health event in collaboration with LILT (Italian League Against Cancer). These are projects aimed at raising awareness of the theme of solidarity, central to our project which is based on the dissemination of the message that anyone, with good will and openness of heart, can, without great resources, or media and politics behind them, make their contribution to improving the world, really, as we are doing with these projects, which are not currently sponsored or funded by no one but us.

This is the gentle revolution: to show everyone that something wonderful can be done even without waiting for the help of institutions or large companies. Just by doing it. You talk to me about 'global' and that's absolutely correct. I also add another word that is the basis of the project: “Glocal”. In fact, the Human Advisor Project wants to promote the idea that the best of possible evolutions, following the approach of one of my many masters who is Zygmunt Bauman, is that of a globalization that does not forget the importance of locality, a 'glocalization'. Taking a cue from this concept of “glocal”, the project aims to promote the formation of local communities, interconnected globally through the network, that live in harmony with each other. The sense of community has been lost in the current highly mediatized and globalized society, and in my opinion it must be recovered and, partially and without naivety or fanaticism, disconnected from the religious and ideological sphere.

Do you mean that man should be without religion and without politics?

Absolutely not, I consider this vision impossible or even dangerously homologating. But I mean that religion and politics should no longer have the power to cause such strong divisions within society and I believe that, looking at today what is happening in the world, in which polarization in every sphere it is increasingly evident, many agree with me that a break from this extremist duality that we encounter every day does not hurt so much. Religious freedom in the private sphere, and politics understood as policy (politics) making rather than politics (power) making. This is my idea behind it.

Thanks Gianpaolo for the interview and we hope that your project will bear fruit.

Thank you for your beautiful and useful periodic in-depth work on the subject of psychology and society.

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