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Wars before breaking out outside, between armed soldiers, defenceless civilians, barricaded cities, are born inside people. What can be seen of the devastation, of the battered bodies, is the raw, external and dramatic representation of a process of destruction and violence, which has already had the opportunity to exist and develop at inner part of the individual and collective psyche. When this destructive tide is no longer containable through the psychic processes of conflict management, then it pours out to be represented concretely.

The human species has learned in the course of evolution to civilize the instinctual aggressive response through the psychic elaboration of it. The sublimation of aggression and violence have favored social coexistence, while producing neurotic residues from this conversion. When individual need is abdicated in favor of social needs, the pledge of the failure to satisfy egocentric instincts must be taken into account. This leads to the abandonment of the myth of freedom derived from the satisfaction of needs through the principle of pleasure, and the development of frailties that make man susceptible to manipulation and submission to power.

Each individual inevitably refers to a cultural structure to which he unknowingly adheres for the definition of primary values, such as those of good and evil and the value of the self. A civilization, like those of Anglo-Saxon Calvinist derivation to which the whole West tends but not only, that enhances extreme competitiveness between individuals, that denigrates frailties and proves to be fierce with weak and condescending to the strong, which defines the value of a person based on his ability to accumulate goods inevitably at the expense of others, creates strong aggressive tensions, above all in individuals most at risk of social exclusion.

Another factor that triggers individual frustration and therefore social tensions, is the manipulation and mystification of the data of reality. This happens through false information on the management of needs, as happens with advertising, with the promotion of values functional to the interests of dominant social classes and power groups, and with substitute use of natural sociality through computer social networks. It is precisely the accumulation of frustration given by the inappropriate satisfaction of needs that awakens the aggressive instincts no longer contained by civilizing sublimation. The awakened aggression seeks a goal on which to vent its destructive heat, and with the urgent need to release tension, it can transform anything that also symbolically represents a threat in an enemy to be hit.

The great destructive activities of man such as war always serve to consolidate the power of those who dispose of it. The autocrats, relying on the frustration of the people for which they are almost always the primary culprits, incite violence against the enemy, well built by the disinformation apparatus, in order to give value to one's dominant position. Hegemony that they are terrified of having to abandon if recognized in their nature as egocentric and cruel despots, devoid of any form of empathy.

Wars and social clashes are often prepared by cultural conflicts that tend to make models of civilization prevail over others. This battle takes place today also using the telematic communication tools mistakenly considered impartial. Those who do not see that the use of digital socialization is connected with the learning of cultural patterns proper to the economic interests of the managers of these platforms, make a serious mistake. When using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other means of social relations whose purposes are profit through advertising and data collection, one inevitably adheres to the socio-economic style and cultural that is behind these means of communication. This is the system of liberal pseudo-democracies, in reality forms of oligarchies dominated by the exploitation of the labor and resources of the subjects in favor of an increasingly rich and greedy minority, ready to support fierce battles in order to maintain their dominance.

Wars are therefore made by the powerful, usually to gain more power. But wars go above all normal people who, if they could really choose, net of bellicist indoctrination, would probably be overwhelmingly opposed to any form of confrontation. bloody. Here also lies the mystifying misunderstanding between the liberation struggle and war. Supporting the latter inevitably adheres to the interests of the dominant power group of one of the conflicting factions, with the consequence of inhibiting peace processes. In this way, the expression of the will of the people is also prevented, forced to take up arms even if contrary to any form of violence. On the other hand, it is different to support the liberation groups, which are formed on a voluntary basis and therefore are, more likely, the expression of the interests of the community.

Acting against violent social conflicts, wars, means expressing the evolved meaning of one's existence. But it also means acting against the interests of power and economic ready to prevent the survival of the human species in order to support their dominant role. It means understanding the primary instincts of man and his capacity to convert these into peace and social harmony. It means, in disputes and diplomatic actions in favor of peace and the interruption of conflicts, to give a voice in the first instance to those directly concerned through referendums and popular consultations. It means allowing them to manage social, cultural, political and territorial disputes, preventing their use as an apology for the opening of violent clashes by the various powers warmongers. It still means allowing normal people, directly involved in the crises of community coexistence, to express themselves freely on the will to trigger, or continue, hostility and violence.