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“I am a Democrat, I am part of Western liberal civilization, where freedom of the press is in force and free elections are held regularly. And for these reasons, my cultural system is the best in the world, and it authorizes me to judge, and when appropriate to fight, what are all the other forms of civilization, substantially less evolved.

I follow the rules of Western democracy, which has as its beacon, and venerates as the cradle of civilization, the United States of America. I am a proud member of the alliances, economic and military, that oversee the security of my model of life, and that intervene, even with violence if necessary, if this paradigm is threatened.

As a member of Western civilization, I have the right to satisfy my material needs. I have the right to have a well-paying job, which is at least ten times more paid than those performed by those who live in systems that are not considered democratic.

I have the right to a beautiful and spacious home to be comfortably furnished, with all the tools and accessories, frills and amenities, that allow me to live my life as a Western citizen with full and opulent satisfaction. I also have the right to travel anywhere in the world, better if equipped to meet my needs and habits.

And, after having lived, with always proud and militant observance of the values of my superior Western culture, the time of meritocratic labor competition, I have the right to spend the years of the last part of my life supported by an adequate, to continue living according to the American dream, for life.

As an exponent of Western culture, I consider accusations of partiality of judgment against external events that present conflict to be pretentious, and without any foundation. I consider war a terrifying scourge, but also unfortunately often necessary to convince the various non-democratic and liberal cultures to follow our model of civil and economic development.

In conflicts, there is always an aggressor and an assaulted person, and I am always on the side of those who are most like me and who feel part of my value system, and whom I legitimately define, always as a Western citizen, as an assaulted person. I frankly do not believe, like some rare ungrateful fellow citizen, influenced by anti-democratic theories, that my yardstick is influenced, in addition to my supposed dependence on an abundance of resources, by a system of life that shelters the scarcity and the unavailability of the ill-considered, superfluous.

I, firmly convinced of the superiority of my system of life, do not consider the lack of participation in political life of the majority of my fellow citizens as worrying. We, in spite of undemocratic regimes that prevent change, do not allow the free choice, of course, of a system similar to ours, have a valid electoral system. Therefore, even with regard to the low attendance of the polls, we can acclaim the lack of real political alternatives as a sign of stability and lack of social conflict, which make any hypothesis of change superfluous.

And finally, what definitely marks the superiority of our cultural system is freedom of the press. In our Western liberal system, there are countless independent sources of information, unlike others, which often have only one distributor of information. In our free world, every citizen is free to express their thoughts, unlike non-liberal systems that control and censor dissidents. In this regard, supported by the pride of participating in a true democratic society, I firmly reject any attempt to propose equivalences or to discredit our system of freedom of opinion and of the press.

Therefore, I consider it absolutely irrelevant that in practice almost all of our printing is financed by advertising, and therefore by economic and commercial interests. And it is even more irrelevant than an inappropriate comparison with the lack of freedom of expression that exists in systems other than ours, the consideration that if you express dissent in contrast to the position of the economically and militarily strongest, you are criminalized.

In fact, at this example, I consider it right, on the basis of respect for the values of Western civilization, to define himself as Putin, therefore a supporter of the boldest nationalism, and of fascism, anyone who questions the interpretation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict proposed by frankly liberal-democratic bodies such as the United States Congress and NATO. The same applies to those who do not observe the unassailability of the State of Israel, and who are therefore rightly labeled as an anti-Semite and terrorist, whose reasons always outweigh the responsibilities with regard to the principle of cultural closeness and strategic-military alliance.”

In faith, liberal democrat...

(This is followed by the imaginary signatures of most of the political, cultural and information exponents of an imaginary Western state, affected by the imaginative 'Western Syndrome')